Monetise your skills, content and time.

Wellos helps wellbeing creators get paid by letting fans subscribe to their work. Imagine OnlyFans...but wholesome. Join our waitlist today.

A young lady sitting down on a yoga mat, smiling.

What is Wellos?

Wellos is a platform to help you build better relationships with your audience so you can keep doing what you love. They can subscribe to you monthly to access premium content and events.

Who is Wellos for?

We're building a diverse platform for creative wellbeing professionals and freelancers.

Wellbeing professionals and freelancers

Mental health practioners

Yoga and fitness instructors

Wellbeing creatives

Organisations for good

And more...

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Our awesome features


What can you do on Wellos? Well, quite a bit. And we're always looking to help creators like you grow. If you have any ideas, drop us a line at dan [at] wellos [dot] co.

Get paid

Your subscribers pay you, so you can keep doing what you love.

Gate your content

Give your best videos, images, audio, PDFs only to your subscribers.

Grow your list

Build your subscriber list and manage your fanbase.

Live video

Create live video events like Zoom (and soon audio only rooms ).

Your website

This is your safe space to do what you will. Make it your own.

Much more

We're looking to build this platform with creators in mind.

Join the beta

Request access to Wellos and join and exclusive community of creators founding members.

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